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The Core Band
Although there are many great musicians that have contributed to Tom's most recent recordings, there is a group of dedicated musicians that make up the "Core Band", starting with Tommy D >>

Tommy D
Troy Cramer
Troy Cramer
Bill Hubauer
Bill Hubauer
Greg Lutz
Greg Lutz
And even more talent...
Dominique Harrison
Lucia Wilson
Devonna Harrison
Al Snyder
George Jones Curt Erickson
Donna Groom Dave Hanner
Heidi Engel Steve Stokes
Jim Haydon Jeff Silverman
The Sure Bet Quartet
Dave Hanner, Chuck Leavell, Al Snyder and Tom Duda at Chuck's Charlane Plantation in Georgia
Hanner played "Dreamland" for Chuck, which he co-wrote with band mate Curt Erickson
Chuck did an amazing introduction and then sang "Georgia on my Mind"
The power and heat were out that night, but the music was hot. (Notice all of the candles)
Dave Hanner & Al Snyder knocked Chuck out with one of Hanner's songs "Life's Got A Rhythm"
Another electrifying performance by legendary blues man, Sleepy Tommy D.
Dave Walters plays the vibes on Blue Moon Serenade Troy Cramer, Tom and Dave Hanner in the control room at Gamut Recording Studio in Latrobe
Eric DeFade blowin' sax at Dave Hanner's Play On Studio TJ sorting out the controls at Play On Studio
Tom with Paul Hornsby at Muscadine Recording Studio in Macon, GA. Tom with Chuck recording piano and organ on Charlane's Allure at Muscadine Studio
Greg Lutz putting down horn tracks at Complex One Studios in Indiana, PA. Greg’s sax work on this CD is brilliant throughout. Tom, Dave and Greg dishin' out a little Funkin' Pie
Bill Hubauer has played the keys and been a creative force on many of Tom's recordings over the past 20 years, and Tom is very, very grateful! Screamin' Pete Freeman the Pedal Steel Demon
Steve Stokes: "Wah wah on fiddle, through an amp? They won't let me do that in Nashville!" Troy Cramer drummer, and graphic artist for Tom's last two albums. “Truly out there, Troy only visits our planet for my sessions!”
We brought this beauty in to provide sounds for Tom's truck driving song, Movin' from the For A Lifetime album, a Duda/Hanner co-write. Tom with a favorite guitar, his Gretch Nashville hollow body from Pittsburgh Guitars. “Hollow body guitars – great, eternal feedback!”
Chuck Leavell and Tom jamming in Chuck's home recording studio. Chuck is in the middle of a spirited version of Great Balls of Fire. They put on an inpromptu concert for a group of hunters that had been hunting at Chuck's Charlane Plantation that day.
Ron Kraczinski has drummed on several Tommy D cuts. He has played with everybody from the Everly brothers to Sheena Easton and Olivia Newton John. In Sheena's video for her Prince-penned hit "Sugar Walls" Ron is joined in the band by Bruce Hornsby! He also has done hundreds of sessions in Nashville and LA.